G E O F F   N A Y L O R
K U N S T E N A A R    P A I N T E R

Geoff Naylor describes his work as 'absurd realism'; striking, fauvistic colours combined with bizarre figures and forms in fanciful situations.
His sources of inspiration are difficult to pin down. An article read in a magazine, someone observed behaving strangely, a story told during dinner, a group of passport photo's collected on a table; all have been the starting point for his current images.

Mostly he works directly on the canvas making only rough, preliminary sketches. The work then undergoes various transformations with the original idea being constantly improved, adapted and developed (and often forgotten). This results in pictures that possess a layer-like quality; previous images remaining visible, if not recognisable, beneath the final work.
In the past he's worked in various medium including crayon, screenprinting, ceramics and stone, but the last few years have been almost exclusively devoted to painting in acrylics.

Naylor has lived and worked in The Netherlands since 1986.

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